Thursday, November 29, 2007

Movin’ On Out

Today I moved from my nice, big, cushy, one person room in the honors complex all the way across campus to a small little dorm where I now have a roommate. I also have to share a bathroom with 6 other girls instead of just 1. SO, I guess you could say I have some adjusting to do. When I requested to move dorms I was expecting to be able to stay where I was until the end of the semester, that way I could just pop up when everyone else came back from Christmas break. However, I was told on Tuesday that a room had opened up and if I wanted it I needed to be in it by Friday. So here I am. In my much smaller room that smells funny. I still haven't decided what that scent could be. This is definitely going to be an experience.

But......I time.........I will adjust.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Black Friday Madness

Most people are familiar with the term "Black Friday" refering to the day after Thanksgiving when large masses of people flock to the stores at ridiculously early hours of the morning. The Big Nerd has been wanting to "camp" outside of Best Buy for a couple of years, so I told him we could do it this year. We went to Best Buy on Thursday night around 11:00pm and took our place in line, which wrapped around to the back of the store. There we waited..........and waited.......... and waited some more. Ok, we only waited about an hour and then I couldn't take it anymore. I was freezing and reminding The Big Nerd just how cold I was about every 5 seconds. Since we weren't waiting for any big ticket items, The Big Nerd finally gave in, and we surrendered our place in line. We then went to Meijers becuase they were one of the few stores open. We bopped around Meijers for about an hour buying long underwear and rolling down the aisles in rolly chairs trying to regain feeling in our frozen body parts. Then we went back to Best Buy and considered getting back in line, but then we realized that we could stay in the car until Best Buy opened at 5am and then just run in the doors. Some may consider this cutting in line, but desperate times call for desperate measures and I was desperate to remain as warm as possible. Eddy is not very warm considering he has no heat, but it was slightly better than being outside. slightly. Our plan worked, and after 6 hours in the cold we ran into Best Buy so The Big Nerd could make his much anticipated purchase of.................................. a flash drive. Doesn't quite seem worth it does it? I don't think so either, but The Big Nerd is thrilled with his purchase so what can I say? Mission Accomplished?

Here are people camped out at 11:00pm on Thursday. I heard that the first person in line had been there since 9pm wednesday night.

This is me frozen on the ground in line at Best Buy. Do I look pathetic or what?

Here is the Big Nerd himself rolling on a rolly chair at Meijers, and no, we did not get caught rolling because we are too good.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Road Trip

This weekend I will be going to Pittsburgh with a group of about 14 people from school. We are going to be working with an organization called the Pittsburgh Project. I actually have worked with them before. Earlier this year I was obligated to go on a trip to work with them, so I dragged Belle along with me. This time I chose to go so I'm expecting to have a good time. We will doing some "urban development" a.k.a. yard work and gardening. I just hope it's not too cold considering that yard work = working in the yard, and most people keep their yards outside where it is cold. So I'm excited, a little nervous, but for the most part looking forward to the trip, and I'm even more excited that Thanksgiving Break is right around the corner. I must go now to donate plasma again, but I will let you know how the trip goes.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The rumors are true. I have resorted to selling my body. Well, actually just the liquid portion of my blood, but you get the picture. There is a plasma donation center very close to campus, so yesterday I was finally able to donate plasma. I have tried before, but being the philanthropist that I am, the first time I went was just a couple of days after I had donated blood, and so I had to wait 8 weeks. But yesterday everything worked out and I was able to donate. It was........... an experience.

Things went well for the most part. There was only one minor problem, but I am surviving. After passing the physical examination they hooked me up to the machine that seperates the plasma from the rest of the blood, and things were fine for about the first 20 minutes. Then I noticed that my arm was hurting where the needle was, but I couldn't figure out if it had been hurting the whole time and I just now noticed or if it just started. What happened was that the needle went through my vein, and that's when it started hurting. So, they took the needle out of my arm, and then got another one and stuck me in the other arm. I'm sure you all wanted to know these details. I was then able to finish my plasma donation. I am forming a slightly painful bruise where the needle went through my vein, but otherwise I am fine and $40 richer. Since all went fairly well, I plan on returning again on Thursday so I can do it all over again. Hopefully without the bruising this time though. And just in case you ever wanted to know what plasma looks like, it is about the same color as apple cider, just a little bit lighter.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


It's only November 6th, but it is snowing already. I made the mistake of going outside with just a sweatshirt, and that is when I discovered the snow. It is super cold outside. I don't know how I'm going to survive the winter, but since I have no classes today I plan on staying inside as much as possible. I have plenty of homework to keep busy. It amazes me that even though I have a huge paper due for English class in a couple of weeks, my teacher still feels the need to assign more papers. I wanted to use today to get a head start on my Huge English paper, but as of yesterday I have a paper due Friday and another one on Monday, not to mention that I need to have a rough draft done for tomorrow. So it's freezing and I have a lot of writing to do. I know that's a pretty lame update, but I will have a more interesting update coming later in the week. So stay tuned.