Monday, March 10, 2008

So.....I guess I'll Update Now

Well, I've been thinking about blogging for awhile & it's the thought that counts right? Right!...... or not. Anyways, overall things have been going well. I've been working often so I should have enough money to buy a car after the semester is over. I actually got interviewed by ZTV (the college sponsored television station) while I was at work today because of the new ice cream part of the restaurant that we opened up. So I'll be on tv, but I'm pretty sure nobody actually watches ZTV.

Classes are fine. I had a midterm exam last week in Political Research and I'm pretty sure I did awesome so I better be looking at an "A" in that class. I've got a spanish test tomorrow and then a HUGE test in Campaign finances on Thursday. Campaign Finances is one of those wonderful classes where your grade consists of 2 tests and a final paper so this is our first grade. I started studying today so I should be good by Thursday. I've gotten "A's" on both of my speeches so far. I guess I'm a natural. I should probably start working on my papers soon though. By this time last semester I probably would've had at least one of them written by now. oh well.

Student government is going equally well. I've been attending the meetings and helping out with programs. I also use the required office hour that I have to work to do homework. It doesn't get much better than that.

I've also done some fun things. A couple of weeks ago when school was canceled on a Tuesday I went sledding with a group of friends. They are now convinced that I am the champ at sledding. I'm not exactly sure what skills are required to be a champion sledder, but apparently I have them, and I like that title so I'll take it. I was supposed to go sledding again this past weekend but the roads were too bad to go on Saturday and I had to work during the day yesterday so I missed it. How dumb is it when it snows so much that you can't even go sledding. Needless to say Saturday was the most boring day of my life. Sunday was better though. I got to work some extra hours because people called off, so that's more money to add to the car fund, then after work I went to Apple Bee's with a couple of my friends, Katie & Megan. We were meeting up at Apple Bee's with 4 guys from Saudi Arabia that Megan knows from working with the international group on campus. Did you read that Shagga? Saudi Arabia. Now I have friends around the nations too. :) They were a fun group so I had a good time.

Now I'm just looking forward to the end of this week so I can be on Spring Break! So I'll see you all 3.7 of my dedicated readers very soon!

Ahmed, Megan & Abdullah / Amr, Katie & Myself