Saturday, August 23, 2008

1 Week Down....... Several More to Go

I've now finished my first week of college here at Cedarville. Overall, I would have to say that things went well. All my classes seem like they will be pretty interesting, although lots of reading seems to be inevitable. I also got a job already. I'm working at "The Hive". It's a little snack shop in the student center. It seems pretty similar to what I did last year at The Trackside Grille so it should be easy and hopefully fun. My first day of working was last night. I was excited to start working but also a little bit disappointed because all the girls in my unit (dorm) and co-unit (the dorm connect to mine by the bathroom) were going out for ice cream and then to Target. I had to miss that, but they did bring me back some ice cream and I watched the second half of Evan Almighty with them when I got back, so I guess things worked out pretty well. Today our units are competing in a Beachball Volleyball tournament so that should be good for a few laughs, if nothing else, but I have to leave that early too so that I can go to work.

Add some homework and a drawing I have to do for my Drawing 1 class into the mix and that's what I'll be doing this weekend. I'm not sure about what I'll be doing for church tomorrow, but I guess I'll figure that out soon enough. I'm pretty much just trying to get adjusted to my new surroundings and back into the swing of college life. After being home for 3 months I kind of forgot what it felt like to be away. I miss everybody at home, but overall I would say I am doing well.