Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's Party Time!

This past Friday I went with a group of friends to go "lunar" bowling. It sounds cheesy I know, but what can you do? We all met at my friend Megan's house and had dinner. Then at 10pm we set out to go lunar bowling. Then after bowling some of the girls (including myself) stayed the night and we made pancakes and donuts for breakfast in the morning. I had a fun time and have included a pictorial overview of the night. However, there are no pictures of me bowling because at this bowling alley you had to show your ID in order to get in after 9:30pm and I didn't know so I had to run (drive) back to the house with my friend Lauren to get my ID so I missed out on those kodak moments

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Last Wednesday my dorm had flyers all over saying hat there were positions open on the Residence Hall Council (RHC). At first I just ignored them because that is what I tried to get into last semester when I lived in the Honors Complex, but I didn't get elected. Then by Thursday I was sort of considering it because people in this dorm are "slightly" less motivated than those over in the Honors Complex and I figured if nobody but myself responded to the flyers then I would be in for sure. So Thursday night I sent an email asking to be added to the ballot, which would be voted on the next day (Friday). Talk about short notice, but my plan must have worked because I was elected to be an RHC Representative. I have to go to meetings on Mondays & Tuesdays and work 1 hour a week in the office and I'll get to help plan some of the activities that will be going on around campus. I went to the first meeting yesterday which I would say went well. I'm assuming that tonight's meeting is canceled because the University closed at 12:30 so I get to skip 2 classes! Yeah! Other than that things are going along as normal. I'll leave you with some pictures from that Saturday night outing that I had a couple of weekends ago. We're planning to go out again for cosmic bowling on Friday the 22nd so I'll have to remember to get my camera when I come home this weekend so I can put pictures up soon after rather than waiting to get them from someone else.

Monday, February 11, 2008

I Couldn't Resist!

If candidates were dogs: John McCain - Pug
This is about all that John McCain has going for him!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Saturday Night Fun

I was invited Wednesday night to go to a dance club on Saturday night with a group of friends. I was hesitant at first because dance clubs aren't really my scene but I eventually caved in and said that I would go. The plan was to meet at 9:30 on Saturday and we would all drive over together.

When I met up with the group of people I was going with last night they said they had changed plans because a lot of us were unsure about going to a dance club. I was relieved to say the least. Instead we decided we would go out to a restaurant for dessert and to hang out, which was way more up my alley. I'll take dessert over dancing anytime. For our first attempt at getting dessert we went to a cool little restaurant downtown called Crave, but when we got their they said they didn't have room for all of us. (We were a group of 14 people) We decided to call another restaurant of a similar style called Bricco's and make a reservation. We made the reservation, drove over there and checked out the menu only to find that they didn't have desserts. SO, by then it was almost 11:00pm. We figured Applebee's would still be open and have enough room. We drove over there really quickly and were told we would have to wait 45 minutes. At this disappointing news and the time growing later, we all decided that Eat N' Park would work. Finally after all of that adventure we got to eat and hangout. It was really fun and I was much more comfortable than I probably would have been if we had gone to the dance club. It was also fun because the girl who I rode with drives like I do. I think you all know what that means. I'll just say it was ...... exciting. I didn't get back to my dorm until 1:30am and I had to get up early for work today, but other than that it was a really fun time.

On a side note: Today is my 1st blogiversary! Yeah Me!