Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Roommates

I now have 2 fish that reside in my room. One is mine and one is my roommate's. They live in the same bowl and so far they haven't tried to eat each other so that is pretty exciting. The picture isn't so great, but then again I haven't met too many fish that are photogenic. They are both in the top corner. Mine is yellow, its name is Sushi, and hers is red, its name is Caviar. Clever, right? Yes that is a debit card inside the fish bowl. The bowl was looking empty and my roommate had an old debit card so I stuck it in there, and the rest is history. Well ....... yeah ..... that's the story of my new fish. Sorry, I'm not feeling very wordy today, but hey, at least I posted, right?

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Anonymous said...

it's about time you updated us...if only to say you got a pet:)this is how I keep track of your life and lately, there's not much to keep track of!
Hope all is well with you, see you soon....