Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This past Saturday night my unit participated in Pick-A-Date. Pick-A-Date is where roommates pick out dates for each other and then all of the girls in the unit and their dates go out for a big group date/activity. The catch is that you keep the person's date a secret so that you don't find out who you are going with until you meet them that night. For my roommate Melissa's date I chose a guy that she knew from studying in Oxford over the summer. She is an Athletic training major and her date, Brandon, plays baseball so I knew that they still has some contact with each other. I wanted to be sure to pick someone she would have a good time with because I guess she didn't have the best time when she went on a Pick-A-Date last year. Much to my relief she did end up having a good time. While her date was someone she knew, my date was someone I had never met. For my date, she picked some guy that she had met maybe once or twice last year. His name was Brad and he was a very nice guy. It actually wasn't as awkward as I imagined it would be and we all seemed to have a fun time.

For our date we went to an outdoor mall, called The Greene, and did a photo scavenger hunt. You would have to go to different stores and take a picture doing different poses that related to the store, and the number of people required to be in the picture was dependent on what the pose was. Unfortunately there was no point system, and therefore no real competition, but in my humble opinion, our group was definitely the winner. After the scavenger hunt we came back to campus and had ice cream and played games. Overall, the night was really fun, and because we did a PHOTO scavenger hunt, I have pictures! Some of them are blurry, but you can make most of them out pretty well. My "date" Brad and I are both wearing orange (no it wasn't planned) and then my roommate and her "date" Brandon are the ones not in orange.

Being Flamingos by the fountain

"Bathing" at Bath & Body Works

"Awkward Couple Pose" on a bench

Parking at the parking meter

"Singing in the Rain" pose

"Lofting" outside of some store called Loft

Crossing the finish line at Finish Line sporting goods store

Outside of Victoria's Secret

Showing off our nails at the nail salon

We are so buff (way off in the distance is an Urban Active store)

Fish pose outside of a seafood restaurant

Outside of Caribou Coffee


ShaggaBear said...

wow! a scavenger hunt. I have prepared you so well for college!! And you SO would have won. those are awesome pictures! Glad you had a good time.

ps. those are some big muscles on your "date"!

Alicia said...

Nice scavenger hunt. that's a neat idea picking a blind date for someone else.. glad you had fun! thanks for sharing..

tammy said...

how much fun!!! i see you have your tickets..... to the gun show... lol....lol... was your date honkable? be good...

cinnamon said...

love the pics they are hilarious. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

The Downing 5 said...

Looks like a lot of fun! The matchy matchy thing is funny - even Pookie Bear and I don't do that! (ha ha) It was nice seeing you this past weekend (even if we didn't get to chat!) See ya soon!